Doctors you can trust!

The communication between the patient and the doctor is very important for efficient treatment and psychological comfort. We understand that trusting a stranger could be hard. You can learn more about the experts of our Center in the Our team section.

Among our doctors

26 medical specialists - candidates of medical sciences
2 medical specialist - doctor of medical sciences
22 specialist doctors are employees of the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery
48 medical specialists have the highest qualification category


Thanks to their knowledge and experience, the experts of the Centre can offer the high-quality medical help with an individual approach to every patient.
Every year our experts take part in the world largest meetings of cardiologists and cardiovascular surgeons, such as the World Congress of the World Society of Cardiothoracic Surgeons, the AATS: Heart Valve Summit, the European Society of Cardiology Congress, TCT RUSSIA and others, they also
attend and conduct their own workshops.
The work of the nursing staff is also constantly improving and developing to reach higher rates.
The committee of head nurses appeared in 2008 for a better coordination and analysis of the work of the nursing experts. In 2013, the nurses took part in a pilot project of the Ministry of Health of Russia, aimed at studying and developing the models of extending nurses’ functional responsibilities.