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Tkachev Ivan


heart disease in the Center and as a guest expert in medical institutions of the region. He is excellent at ultrasound diagnostics of congenital heart defects in children cardiology, as well as during pregnancy. Over the course of his work, he performed more than 300 surgeries on patients with congenital heart defects and admitted nearly 1000 patients. The sphere of Ivan’s professional interest is endovascular minimally invasive surgery. He also selects patients for the implantation of occlusive devices for atrial and ventricular septal defect, as well as for hybrid procedures.


Education and scientific activity

2007 – graduated with honours from the Astrakhan State Medical Academy in «Pediatrics».
2007 - 2009 – completed a clinical internship in «Pediatrics» at the department of Pediatrics of the Medical Faculty of the Astrakhan State Medical Academy.
2009 – completed the preliminary qualification for «Functional diagnostic» at the chair of Hospital Therapy with a course in «Functional diagnostics» at the Astrakhan State Medical Academy.
2013 – completed a professional reoccupation course «Children Cardiology» on the basis of the Saint-Petersburg State Pediatrics Medical Academy.

Lead an active research. An author of 1 scientific article, co-author 1 scientific article.


CSI. Catheter Interventions in Congenital, Structural and Valvular Heart Disease, Frankfurt, Germany.
VII All-Russian school-workshop with foreign guests «Congenital and acquired heart defects with an impairment of the function of atrioventricular valves», Tomsk Scientific Research Institute of Cardiology.
26th EACTS Annual Meeting, Barcelona, Spain.


Since September 2009, Ivan has been working as a children cardiologist at the heart surgery department of the Federal Center for Cardiovascular Surgery in Astrakhan.


2016 – medal «For Achievements in the development of civil society, contribution to the health protection of the residents of the Chechen Republic and high level of professionalism».


Keen on swimming.



вязмина марина

Review about Tkachev Ivan

Спасибо большое Вам, Иван Владимирович, за здоровое сердечко моей дочурки Черноног Алины! Прошло уже более 2 лет после операции, но Вас и весь персонал кардиоцентра помню и буду и бесконечно благодарна! Спасибо Вам за вашу работу!


Мирошниченко Марина Викторовна

Review about Tkachev Ivan

Иван Владимирович! Хочу поздравить Вас с международным Днём СЕРДЦА!!!! Я бесконечно Вам благодарна за ЖИЗНЬ моего мальчика Мирошниченко Тимура! Я восхищаюсь Вашим профессионализмом!!!! СПАСИБО ВАМ!!!!

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Our Center employs children cardiologists with a vast experience in the sphere of diagnostics and treatment of congenital heart defects. All cardiologists apply methods of functional and ultrasound diagnostics and are able to find an individual approach to every young patient.


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