Personal Information

Gorbunov Mikhail

The head of the unit, medical expert in X-ray endovascular diagnostics and treatment

Has the top qualification grade in «Surgery». While working in X-ray services, he has conducted over 200 heart surgeries, including children, on his own.


Education and scientific activity

1988 – graduated from the Leningrad State Pedagogical Medical Institute in «Pediatrics».
1988 -1989 – completed an internship in «Children surgery».
2007 – completed a professional reoccupation course in «X-ray».


Mikhail had internships in Bratislava, Slovakia and Spain.
2017 – ICCA STROKE 2017. International competition «Endovascular treatment of acute stroke and stenting of carotid arteries» at the Institute of Surgery named after A. V. Vishnevsky, Moscow.
2017 – THINKRADIAL Тransradiаl intervеntion course. Course for advanced users of radial access. MERIT-MEDIKАL, Campus, Maastricht, The Netherlands


1988 - 2008 – worked as a children doctor and surgeon at the State Health Institution «Murmansk Regional Clinical Hospital» at the unit of children and general surgery. After 1994, worked as an X-ray physician and X-ray surgeon in the area of treatment and diagnostics.
Since 2008, Mikhail has been working as the head of the unit of X-ray surgery methods of diagnostics and treatment and a surgeon at the Federal Center for Cardiovascular Surgery in Astrakhan.


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Medical experts in X-ray surgical methods of diagnostics and treatment

The team of experts in charge of interventional procedures under an X-ray control such as a coronary angiography, stentgraft, an occluder installation and etc


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