Personal Information

Abdulkadyrov Albert


A cardiologist at the unit of Dysrhythmia Surgical Treatment and Pacing, where he performs intervening treatment procedures for different forms of tachy-arrhythmia and implants devices for brady-arrhythmia.


Education and scientific activity

1989 – graduated from the Astrakhan State Medical Institute in «Treatment and Prevention Practice».
1996 – completed an internship in «Therapy».
2002 – had a primary postgraduate training in «Cardiology».


2008 – FSI «Research Institute of Circulation Pathology of Russian Medical Technologies», Novosibirsk.
2009 – A.N. Bakoulev Scientific Center for Cardiovascular Surgery.


1990 – started his medical career as a general practitioner at the production facility’s medical unit of a polyclinic.
1997 – got the position of a duty cardiologist in the Cardiology unit of the «Astrakhangazprom» Scientific and Practical Medical Complex.
Since 2008, Albert has been a part of the team of the Federal Center for Cardiovascular Surgery in Astrakhan.


2014 – Diploma of the Astrakhan region’s Duma «For Achievements in Efficient Work to Provide High-tech Care to the Population of the Astrakhan Region and the High Level of Professionalism».


In his spare time, Albert leads an active lifestyle and enjoys swimming.




Сугаипова Петимат Абдулвахидовна⁹

Review about Abdulkadyrov Albert

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