Operation of Ross

Open surgery An open surgery is implemented when it is necessary to open the cavity of the heart to remove the existing defect. Such surgeries involve a temporary shutdown of heart and lung activity and are performed under general anesthesia.



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Качество жизни сохраняется на прежнем уровне - есть возможность заниматься спортом, планировать беременность, вести обычную жизнь здорового человека
Собственный клапан прослужит долгое время – на протяжении всей жизни пациента, а у детей, к тому же, имеет возможность расти вместе со всем организмом

Method of implementation

For the successful manipulation of the heart structures, the heart-lung machine is connected to the patient to stop the cardiac activity for the duration of the surgery. An open heart surgery may last several hours. During this time, the surgeon carries out the necessary actions: plasty or bandaging. The use of open access allows to perform a correction of almost all congenital heart diseases: an atrial septal defect, a ventricular septal defect, a tetralogy of Fallot, a patent ductus arteriosus and others.

Please note that pre-operative diagnostics are paid separately. The data is informative. The cost of the operation for each patient is calculated individually after the examination.

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