Coronary angiography

Coronary angiography is X-ray method of investigation of the coronary arteries with injection of contrast medicine, which allows to determine the nature, location, extent and amount of narrowing (stenosis, occlusion) of coronary arteries in the most accurate and reliable way. The method is base on the injection of the contrast liquid to the coronary arteries. It enables to visualize it under X-ray. The examination has become the "gold standard" in the diagnosis of coronary artery disease, and has already helped millions of people to prevent a heart attack.


When have to do

Age above 50

Sedentary lifestyle

Harmful habits


Excess weight



Family history of heart attack

Ischemic heart disease

The upcoming open-heart surgery (age above 40)

Method of implementation

The procedure performed with local anesthesia, the patient has a contrast agent introduced with a special catheter through the blood vessels to the heart. The entire process is recorded with a special X-ray machine, an angiograph. Depending on the results of the examination, the experts diagnose and decide which procedure is beneficial for the patient. With a mild stenosis of the arteries, an appropriate medical therapy is administered. Incase of a significant stenosis, a decision on surgical procedure might made. This can include an endovascular intervention - a stent placement or a surgical procedure, namely, the coronary artery bypass grafting. The stent placement is a therapeutic coronary angiography, in many cases it is done immediately after the diagnosis as its follow-up. In our Center the coronary angiography is performed by qualified intervention cardiologists. During the procedure the patient is conscious, under the strict supervision of an anesthesiologist. Day-patient treatment is also possible for conducting the procedure, so that the patient goes home with the results already on the day of the admission. The frequency of complications and side effects is minimal. The procedure has no age restrictions.
Coronary angiography 30 202 - 40 135 руб.
Sonografia 26 087 - 31 053 руб.
Angiography of lower limb arteries 33 366 руб.
Angiography of the brachiocephalic arteries 34 608 руб.
Angiography of the vessels of the abdominal organs 34 608 руб.
Angiography of renal vessels 28 193 руб.
Coronary angiography+ Angiography of the brachiocephalic arteries 42 472 руб.
Coronary angiography+ Angiography of renal vessels 37 165 руб.

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