The history of Evdoshenko Ann

Anastasia Asyutina, Anya’s mom:
"This story started when the daughter was born. Before we could not imagine what challenges we would have to go through. When our daughter was born, doctors told us she had a congenital heart disease. We didn’t know about the disorder, the pregnancy was perfect, no one could recognize the most severe heart defect. It was diagnosed after Anya’s birth. We had to gain the courage, strength and patience.
We believed and hoped that she would survive that surgery. She had such a strong willing to live, it’s simply incredible!
When all steps of the surgery were finished, we finally felt relief. We’ve got such a strong hope and belief that we didn’t have at the beginning of our
journey 4 years ago. I’d like to say that you should always believe in the miracle, in the future, believe in our surgeons.
Margarita Tungusova, pediatric cardiologist.
Such kids as Anya usually needs follow up visits our center every six months. Right now Anya’s hemodynamic parameters have acceptable values. She is feeling well. We hope to see her six months later and that she will continue to please us with her achievements.
I’d like to thank the head of the ICU and all the medical staff. They are one big team who bring all their heart and soul into the work. The cardiac center has a large heart, which should never stop beating. You must believe, love and hope that our children will survive."


Anya has a very complicated severe congenital heart disease, she was born with only one heart ventricle, which requires constant procedures during almost all her life. As a first step, she had a lifesaving palliative surgery.

Plotnikov Mihail

Head of the Department - Physician - Cardiovascular Surgeon

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Service is Оpen heart surgery

An open surgery is implemented when it is necessary to open the cavity of the heart to remove the existing defect. Such surgeries involve a temporary shutdown of heart and lung activity and are performed under general anesthesia.