The history of Belousova Nataliya

Natalia Belousova, a patient:
"The diagnosis of congenital heart diseases was made when I was three years old . The pediatrician noticed murmurs in my heart, but at that time there were no opportunity to perform advanced heart examination. That’s why the proper diagnosis wasn’t made and the reason wasn’t found.
After a while, I began to suffer from the pain in the chest, got tired very quickly and my head was dizzy. I’ve got the precise diagnosis only in 2005 when I came to the doctor Iskander Muhametdyanov. After the examination, the diagnosis of bicuspid aortic valve disorder was done. After the establishing of the Cardiac Center in 2009, I was suggested to be operated. At that time I have already felt quite unwell, so I agreed.
I was operated in May 2009 by cardiac surgeon Igor Chernov. The Ross procedure was perfumed to me. I had read about the
Ross procedure before and knew that the procedure is huge and require experience of the surgeons and the team.
I was so excited after the surgery. Doctors and nurses of the unit jokes on me and it seemed that everyone in the cardiac center was buzzing with excitement. Even when I was on a drip, they would come up and say “Why are you staying in? Why don’t you go out?” And I would be like “But I’m on a drip, right?” and they would say “But the drip is on the wheels! Stand up and go."
There was a moment that my mother-in-law told me about. When I still was unconscious, my son was just a year and 9 months old. He came up to her and said “mommy” and pointed at me – I was breathing. They called the same or next day and heard that I came to life.
I’d like to remind everyone to take care of their health and ask for medical help when it’s time to do so."


After the surgery, Natalia is almost healthy. She can live an active life, do sport and exercise. The purpose of surgery is to avoid anticoagulative therapy. That’s one of the procedure’s benefits.

Chernov Igor Ionovich

Deputy Chief Physician for Surgical Care

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Service is Operation of Ross

Open surgery An open surgery is implemented when it is necessary to open the cavity of the heart to remove the existing defect. Such surgeries involve a temporary shutdown of heart and lung activity and are performed under general anesthesia.