Nurses of the Center Returned from the International Summit

The experts of the Center took part in the III International Summit of Nurses, organized by the Higher Medical School and the I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University.

The International Summit of Nurses, which has already become a traditional annual event, is one of the largest educational platforms for nursing staff in Russia. Over 1,100 nurses from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan took part in the «Nurse: Trajectory of Professional Development» Summit this year. At this important event, Our Center was represented by the Chief Nurses of the Sterilization and Cardiosurgery units, Olga Bogatenko and Ekaterina Bochkareva.

Nowadays, the interaction and dialogue between nurses play an important role in reforming the nursing practice in the country's health system. During the summit, the participants were able to discuss the reform of nursing practices in the health care system and new approaches to additional professional education for nurses, as well as to consider topical issues of managing the mid-level medical personnel, their motivation, opportunities for professional and career growth.

The event opened with the welcoming speech from the head of the NSEPI of Additional Professional Education «Higher Medical School», V.V. Levashova and S.I. Dvoynikov, M.D. Professor, Chief freelance expert - the expert of the Ministry of Healthcare of Russia on the management of nursing practice. During the summit, reports of experts from Russia, the USA, Spain, and the Netherlands were presented. A colleague from the University of Michigan, Douglas Olsen, Ph.D., associate professor, presented to the public a report on the topic «Ethics and difficult patients in nursing practice: approaches and relationships». The head of the Research and Innovation Department at the University of Navarra (Spain) spoke about the need for continuous professional development for nurses. Then the participants of the summit were divided into groups in different sections and directions, where the most pressing questions for nurses were raised in the form of lectures and workshops.

A busy, productive and informative day ended up with drawing conclusions and discussing issues raised by the participants of the summit.


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