Sexual activity

It is important to know that most people after a heart surgery returns to previous sexual activity. Intimate relationships are not recommended till the awakening of sexual desire. At the same time, avoiding marital relations in the presence of sexual desire, due to the belief, that sexual intercourse is harmful to the heart, is unjustified and could lead to permanent sexual dysfunction. The activity is limited to the time of the sternum healing, and recommended no sooner than in 4 weeks after the operation. Starting sexual activity is possible, if you can walk without pain and shortness of breath more than 200 m and go upstairs to the second floor.

During first weeks cuddles and lifting of the partner are not recommended. The posture with the least load on the sternum should be used for intimate contact.

The successful recovery of patient’s sexual function after undergoing the heart surgery depends on the partner’s behavior in many respects. It is him or her, who should take the basic physically active role at first. Patient and tactful attitude, avoiding of inappropriate comments or concerns about the patient’s health contribute a lot to the rapid recovery of sexual activity.

It is recommended to avoid the following situations:

  being too excited or tired;

  having sex after drinking 50-100 grams of a strong alcoholic beverage;

  overeating for 2 hours before sex;

  placing any load on the sternum till its full recovery;

 the appearance of chest pain or discomfort.


When receiving drugs that increase the potency (Viagra, Sealex, different food additives), consult your cardiologist about their compatibility with your heart medications.

Women should not plan the pregnancy till the full recovery. It is necessary to wait for at least one year. Consult an expert, what kind of contraception is the most suitable for you.

Take care and remember, that your life after the surgery can be as beautiful as before, and maybe even better!