You have decided to go to our center for hospitalization. We are grateful to you for your trust and will try to do everything to ensure that your stay with us leaves only pleasant impressions and contributes to a quick recovery.


To confirm the date and time of arrival, a center employee will contact you 2 weeks before hospitalization and will be happy to answer your questions.

High level of comfort.


All rooms have a central air purification system and climate control, maintaining a constant comfortable temperature at any time of the year - 23°C during the day, 21°C at night.

For your convenience, each department has only double and single rooms that meet modern requirements. There are functional beds made in Germany. The equipment of each room includes consoles with lines for connecting medical equipment and supplying oxygen. Bedside monitoring is carried out if necessary. All beds, as well as showers and toilets, are equipped with emergency call buttons for medical personnel. When you press the button, a sound and light signal is sent to the nurse's station.


Also in each of our wards:

  Toilet and shower room. Water is supplied to the chambers both cold and hot at any time of the year thanks to its own water treatment and water purification system

  Wardrobe for personal belongings

  Built-in compact refrigerator


  Comfortable bedside tables, chairs and table

  Separate ceiling and local lighting fixtures

  Free Wi-Fi

During hospitalization, the patient is provided with everything necessary. You must have personal hygiene products (including soap, shampoo, toothpaste and brush, toilet paper), replaceable washable shoes with non-slip soles and closed toes, compression stockings or two elastic bandages 4 meters long, a change of underwear , comfortable clothes, towel, shaving accessories (5 pcs.), unbreakable mug with a comfortable handle.

Superior rooms


For the convenience of patients, the Center has created high-comfort rooms. The wards provide single occupancy in a hospital setting when undergoing diagnostic procedures and treatment. The chambers are equipped with:

            modern mobile functional bed,


            free Wi-Fi,

            electric kettle,

            separate shower room with a set of individual accessories (liquid soap, shampoo, shower gel, toothbrush and paste, set of shaving accessories),



            a set of terry towels.


24-hour security and individual approach.


The security and emergency response system operating in our Center includes:

  24-hour monitoring of the patient’s condition, the data of which is transmitted to the medical post,

  a video surveillance system that helps to promptly warn staff and prevent a situation that threatens the patient’s health,

  staff emergency call buttons located throughout the center,

  an emergency notification system about the need for urgent resuscitation of a patient, reducing response time to 40 seconds.


Our main goal is to make each patient’s stay at the center comfortable through good living conditions, sincere attitude of the staff and the surrounding environment.

An atmosphere conducive to healing.

Patients can spend their free time in the department halls watching TV, chatting with other patients, or reading books from the small library located in each department.

In the warm season, if there are no contraindications from the attending physician, you can go for a walk in the Center park. This small oasis in the middle of the city is the fruit of the long and painstaking work of our landscapers. They designed and equipped a fish pond, stone paths, a bridge, and cozy benches in the shade of trees. It is very important that patients can enjoy nature and clean air, while being completely safe - the area is equipped with emergency buttons for staff and is under constant surveillance.

The friendliness and attention of the entire staff has been repeatedly noted by our patients. Support and optimism give the necessary attitude and strength to fight the disease.

We always strive to make you feel cozy and comfortable in our Center. Professional competence, safety, complete confidentiality and a high level of service are the key to your speedy recovery.