Bad habits



Before the operation, you had to stop smoking or reduce the number of cigarettes. It is very important not to resume this habit. It can be quite difficult to resist an addiction, but you will definitely succeed, because this is one of the best decisions made regarding your heart and health in general. Smoking is more than a habit, it is an addiction to nicotine.

Nicotine causes:

  vascular spasm of the extremities - atherosclerosis,

  spasm and inflammation in the bronchi - lung sclerosis,

  formation of fatty plaques in the vessels of the brain and heart - heart attack and stroke,

  increased gastric secretion and vasospasm of the stomach - ulcer and stomach cancer,

 spasm of the vessels of the bladder and prostate - bladder cancer and impotence.

Nicotine leads to:

  to menstrual cycle disorders in women, vascular thrombosis when using oral contraceptives,

  to the appearance of wrinkles and premature aging,

  to the frequent illnesses of your family and friends, as you turn them into passive smokers.

Some tips to help you quit smoking:

  try not to carry cigarettes with you,

  avoid smoking companies,

  ask others not to smoke in your presence,

  avoid activities during which you are used to lighting up (sitting at the table, drinking coffee, taking alcohol),

  when you want to smoke, use sugar-free chewing gum or twist something in your hands. If your mouth and hands are busy, you are less likely to smoke,

  use a nicotine patch, special chewing gum, and even special medications after consulting with a narcologist.

Alcohol intake

  avoid alcohol if possible, as it destroys the liver and depresses the myocardium,

  if it fails, then alcohol intake is acceptable in small quantities, occasionally in the form of 1 glass - 150-200 grams of red wine.