Patient nutrition


At the Center, we pay special attention to the nutrition of our patients. 

The diet includes fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, as well as fresh pastries, fermented dairy products, cereals and fortified drinks. All dishes are prepared in gentle ways, such as stewing, steaming, as well as baking and boiling food in water.   

Based on the patient's diagnosis, his diet is made up in accordance with one of the therapeutic diets: the main diet option, diabetic, sparing diet (SHD), low-protein diet, high-protein diet, individual diet  and others.

For the comfort of our patients, meals are taken directly in the wards, where meals are delivered by the staff. Ready-made meals are delivered to the children's department and intensive care unit in isoboxes - thermos plates that retain heat for at least 3 hours. Meals are also provided for parents accompanying our young patients.

The Center also offers the opportunity to order paid meals from a daily updated menu.