Children's stay with us

Your stay with a child at our Center. This is why you will feel well.

So, you have decided to stay at hospital in our Center. We appreciate your trust and will do our best to help you to recover quickly and leave with the good impression of your stay. 

Our staff will contact you to confirm the time and the date two weeks prior to your admission and will be happy to answer all your questions. When you arrive at our сenter for a treatment or an examination, you may park your car at any of 83 parking spaces at the Center territory, which are under CCTV surveillance. It will let you stay at the hospital without worrying about your belongings.

Our staff will meet you at the reception and will follow you to the emergency room.


The work of the children cardio-surgical unit is built on the principle of making little patients of the сenter isolated from the rest of the patients: there is a separate clinic, an emergency room and a room for discharging the patients, where family and friends can wait for the children and their mothers (or other accompanying adults).

We have created the most comfortable and safe conditions for our little patients’ stay. All rooms are equipped with CCTV surveillance, which send the image to the central video monitoring station. 

The areas of the Center, including the children unit, are equipped with the central air filtering system and climate control. And in order to sterilize the air from harmful bacteria and germs, the functional areas of the unit have been equipped with bactericidal irradiators. 

High level of comfort     

The unit has only double and single rooms that meet European standards. The equipment of each room consists of a console with the passage to connect to medical devices.  All rooms in the children unit are equipped with special children beds with protective walls and functional beds for the attendants. The rooms are designed for a comfortable stay of parents together with their children. There are emergency buttons for calling the medical staff by the bed and in the shower.


All rooms of the unit are equipped with a toilet and a bathroom. Showers are equipped with special baths for washing newborns.

For your comfort, each room has a wardrobe for personal belongings, an in-built compact fridge, a locker, convenient bed tables, chairs and a table, separate ceiling and local lightning and free Wi-Fi.

The children unit is equipped with:

 the room with the facilities for preparation of adapted milk mixtures for babies under one year. Due to the possibility occurrence of contraindications for breastfeeding for children with congenital cardiovascular disease, there might be a need for artificial feeding. In this case, it is more preferable to use adapted dry milk mixtures without heating them. The room has everything you need for cooking a mixture: the presence of milk mixture, heaters, a sufficient amount of sterile disposable tableware in individual packaging.

  an intensive care unit. It is equipped with all necessary devices for the care of the surgically operated patients: patient monitoring, a unit for artificial lung ventilation, a life support system, a telemetry system and others.

  a special room for the youngest patients - premature babies who are given special attention. The necessary temperature is maintained in the room, children are put in the incubator, providing and maintaining the necessary temperature, humidity, oxygen concentration and automatic control for the child.

  a dressing room for mothers equipped with individual lockers. 

During their stay, all patients are provided with everything they need (bed linens and dinnerware), except for personal hygiene items, shoes and a change of clothes. The parents of hospitalized children are also provided with the regular meals.


We use various modern techniques of psychological support, including the arrangement of parents and children’s leisure. The hall of the children's unit is equipped with a game complex and comfortable and safe home furnishings and toys. There are children's cartoons broadcasted on TV everywhere, including the emergency department, with the help of the mobile multimedia system that allows children to watch cartoons anywhere. Colorful images of cartoon characters on the walls of unit help to mitigate the stress of having to perform medical procedures and create a friendly atmosphere conducive to the healing process. 

One of the positive aspects is the beautiful view from the window. The building is surrounded by green cozy courtyards, specially created for you by our landscape designers. The possibility to walk in a comfortable environment contributes to relaxation, tranquility and rapid recovery. 


Total safety and an individual approach

All hospitalized patients are under a constant control of friendly and attentive members of staff.  The linen is changed every day, and more often if necessary.  All common rooms and areas are cleaned six times a day, and all patients’ rooms are cleaned twice a day. An overall deep cleaning is carried out in between patients’ stays. Cleanness and order are a priority for our staff members!

We always aspire to make you and your children feel comfortable and cozy in our сenter. Professional competence, safety, absolute confidentiality and a high service level – the key to your faster recovery.

You can rely on us!