How to became our patient? 

1. Medical services within the Compulsory Health Insurance Program

For consulting a specialist in the Center within the program of compulsory health insurance (CHI policy), patients need to have a doctor’s referral. The referral should be issued with the obligatory indication of the purpose of the consultation and contain preliminary examination results, in accordance with the relevant specialist.

When contacting the patient should have:

  A passport (certificate of birth);

  A policy of Compulsory Medical Insurance of a common standard, except for the cases of emergency medical care. Babies since birth and to the date of the state registration of birth get MHI medical assistance upon the presentation of the policy by the mother or other legal representatives and a document proving his identity;

  INILA - Insurance Number of Individual Ledger Account (compulsory pension insurance certificate);

  The statement of assessment of disability (in case of a disability status);

  The extract from the Original medical records (the form 027/у): «An extract from the ambulatory medical record»;

  Diagnostic tests results (if there are any);

The consultation or hospitalization referral to the FSBI “Federal Center for Cardiovascular Surgery” of the Ministry of Health of Russia (Astrakhan), issued with the obligatory indication of the purpose of the consultation.

2. High-tech medical care 

According to the Order of the Ministry of Health of the Russian federation by 29.12.2014 №930n, the following order is established to refer Russian citizens to provide high-tech medical care:

  The treating physician of a medical organization where the patient is undergoing an examination or treatment, for example, a clinic by the place of residence, defines evidence and prepares a package of documents for registration of the coupon to provide high-tech medical care.

  The patient has the right to submit documents to the center by himself so that they are considered by the Commission for the selection of patients for providing specialized, including high-tech medical care.

  If the patient is referred to the provision of the high-tech medical care, financed by the federal budget, the package of documents is delivered to the healthcare authority of the subject of the Russian Federation (the local Ministry of Health). If the patient is referred to the provision of the high-tech medical care, financed by the Compulsory Health Insurance Program, a package of documents is delivered to the medical facility, which will provide the high-tech medical care (the hosting medical organization).

  The documents must be examined by the Medical Commission of Health Care Authority in the area or the Medical commission of the hosting Medical organization in less than 7 days.

  If the Commission makes a positive decision, a special account form "Voucher for the provision of the High-tech Medical care" is issued for the patient. At the moment the "Voucher for the provision of the HTMC" is electronic, which means that all the steps of obtaining the HTMS, patient statements and copies of the test results are recorded in an electronic account, and the steps of obtaining the HTMS can be monitored by specialists online.

  After the Commission agrees on the date of the hospitalization, the local healthcare authority, to which the patient belongs due to his residency, gets informed, as well as the patient himself via the organization which referred him for the further treatment. If the patient gets the HTMS at the expense of federal budget funds, belongs to the subsidized category of citizens and has not refused the social benefits package, then this patient is also entitled to a free transportation to the clinic and back at the expense of the Social Insurance Fund. A voucher for the provision of the HTMS with an official’s signature is handed to the patient.


Any citizen of the Russian Federation, regardless the place of residence, is entitled to ask for the required medical help at the Center of Cardiovascular Surgery in Astrakhan. Medical care belongs the high-tech medical care category and is delivered for FREE.

3. Medical services on a paid basis

For receiving medical care on a paid basis you can call 8 (8512) 311 050.

You can receive the medical care on a paid basis if:

  The requested medical service is not included in the list of the Program of State Guarantees of the Russian Federation this year.

  The patient requests the service in the amount exceeding the existing standards set by the Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation.

  The patient requests the service without waiting in the general queue not to cause the aggravation of his medical condition.

  The patient requests the service specifically on a paid basis, having signed the agreement.

 The patient is a foreign citizen or a person without citizenship and does not possess an insurance policy, except for the cases of immediate emergency medical care.