The order of hospitalization of adults and children


Dear patients!

We invite you to carefully read the information below, strictly follow all the instructions and recommendations of specialists. A comprehensive medical examination before hospitalization will confirm the absence of contraindications to the planned surgical treatment at the Center.
We apologize in advance in case there are no vacancies at the Center on the appointed day.
The hospitalization of one patient is directly related to the discharge of another, minor delays are caused by objective medical reasons.
Please take care in advance about the possibility of living in the city of Astrakhan.

The list of examinations and analyzes and the terms for their submission, as well as the list of documents required for hospitalization are presented in special leaflets:

Download the memo on hospitalization of patients over 18 years of age.

Download patient hospitalization leaflet (from 0 to 18 years old).

Rules of behavior

Federal State Budgetary Institution "FTSSSH" of the Ministry of Health of Russia (Astrakhan) draws your attention to the possibility of obtaining the appropriate types and volumes of medical care without charging a fee within the framework of compulsory medical insurance.

To make a decision on the type and volume of surgical intervention, it is mandatory to conduct an ECHO-KG study on an expert class apparatus.
If it is not possible to undergo the examinations necessary for performing coronary angiography at the place of residence free of charge within the state program of free medical care, you can perform them on a paid basis at the Center by appointment by phone 8 (8512) 311-000 (call center) ; 8(85120311-111(department of paid services)

Memo on hospitalization of patients for the purpose of performing coronary angiography

Hospitalization is carried out:

scheduled from 07.00 - 16.00.
on an emergency basis around the clock (in case of emergency conditions that threaten the life of a patient who applied to the Center).
We ask you to carefully read the information contained in the files, and we recommend that you strictly follow all the instructions and recommendations of specialists.

List of documents required for hospitalization:

Identity document (passport or its replacement document, identity card or military ID for military personnel) birth certificate for children under 14 years old, passport of the legal representative, if it is found together with the child)
Certificate of compulsory pension insurance (SNILS)
Compulsory medical insurance policy (pay attention to the expiration date)
Copies or originals of medical documents (Having extracts from medical records is extremely important for a more accurate diagnosis)
Disability certificate (if available)
Certificate of incapacity for work (if it is opened in another medical institution)
Certificate from the place of work (for the working category of citizens), indicating the abbreviated name of the organization
Planned hospitalization under compulsory medical insurance provides for the mandatory presence
"Referrals for hospitalization", issued by the attending physician at the place of residence
In case of a discrepancy between the full name, date of birth in the documents (identity document, compulsory medical insurance / VHI policy, SNILS), hospitalization will be denied!

The Center does not bear the costs associated with travel and accommodation in the city of Astrakhan for patients and their accompanying persons.

If it is impossible to arrive on the appointed date, please kindly inform us by phone: 8(8512) 311-000 (call center);

8 (8512) 311-018 (hospitalization department after 12.00)

You can get an answer to all your questions by calling the call center: 8(8512) 311-000 (call center)

If it is not possible to undergo examinations necessary for hospitalization at the place of residence free of charge within the framework of the state program of free medical care, you can perform them on a paid basis at the Center by appointment by phone 8 (8512) 311-000 (call center)

We inform you that in case of doubts in the results of the examinations or in the absence of the necessary data, the Center recommends that you undergo some examinations again.

Children (optional)!

an extract from medical records, with data no more than a month old, clinical, radiological, laboratory and other medical studies corresponding to the profile of the disease;
a notarized power of attorney for a representative if it is impossible to accompany and (or) stay with the child during treatment by legal representatives.
Information for legal representatives on the right to stay with the child in the hospital.

If the child has not reached the age of 4 years, then one of the parents, another family member or other legal representative is granted the right to free joint stay with the child in the Center, while providing him with medical care in inpatient conditions during the entire period of treatment (Federal Law No. 21.11.2011 N 323-FZ "On the basics of protecting the health of citizens in the Russian Federation")

If the child is over 4 years old, then it is possible to stay in the hospital for free around the clock only if the child has medical indications (Letter of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation dated January 13, 2022 N 15-3 / I / 2-223):

severe motor disorders in which children are not able to move without assistance, there is no ability to walk at all, children need to use additional devices (walkers, crutches) for movement, movement is carried out in a wheelchair;
expression sensory impairment (non-correctable deafness, blindness, visually impaired),
pronounced mental disorders in which it is difficult or impossible to properly maintain personal safety, self-service skills are impaired or absent, understanding of addressed speech is impaired or absent, a constant decrease in criticism of one’s behavior and the environment, including with the possibility of partial correction only with regular help other persons;
frequent (at least 3-4 times a month) attacks of partial or complete loss of consciousness (twilight disorders of consciousness, generalized tonic-clonic convulsions, tonic or clonic convulsions), not compensated by drugs;
the presence of a high risk of life-threatening conditions (hypoglycemia, hyperglycemia) in children with diabetes mellitus, requiring support for constant monitoring of glycemic level readings.
In other cases - on the decision of the attending physician of the medical organization in which the child receives medical care in a hospital.

For patients hospitalized on a paid basis (optional):

an agreement for the provision of paid medical services concluded by a legal entity and (or) an individual with the Center (insurance company (VHI policy), other legal entity